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Our promise to you is to do everything in our power to make you a happy customer. We will try our absolut best to make sure that our customer service is easy to talk to, that the products looks great and processes for shipping, payment etc are simpel and correct. But as always when shopping, we enter an “agreement of purchase”. Therefor it is important that you have a good look through our terms and conditions before shopping. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the terms and conditions.


The following terms apply to all orders placed by a customer (After this referred to as “you or customer”.) at AMBIA Outdoor Art AB (Organisation number: 559292-0523) hereinafter also referred to as “we, ours, ours and us” at AMBIA Sthlm is the selling party, You (the customer), is the buying party. 

By completing an order, you agree and commit to abide by the terms outlined in this agreement in its entirety. Terms or parts thereof in this agreement that deviate from mandatory legislation are without effect to the extent that the deviation is not in favour of the customer. This provision only applies if the customer is a private individual and that the purchase refers to private consumption. 

Company information:

AMBIA Outdoor Art AB 

Org no: 559292-0523


At AMBIA, we strive to make your ordering process simple and safe. We offer secure payment options and secure deliveries. We receive your order when you click on the “Complete purchase” button at the checkout, and in connection with this, this agreement is concluded. When we have received your order, you will receive an order confirmation sent to the email address you provided when filling out the order form. 

Shop safely with the right to change or cancel your order 

Should you change your mind, you have the option to change or cancel the order. 

If you for any reason decide to cancel the order, you must do so promptly by emailing us at Changes or cancellations of the order can not be carried out after your order has been packed (executed). It is not possible to change the payment method afterwards, on order, nor to change the delivery address. 


AMBIA Outdoor Art AB will start fulfilling this agreement when you click on the “complete purchase” button at checkout. AMBIA has fulfilled its part of this agreement when you have received full delivery of the goods you ordered. As a customer, you have fulfilled your part of this agreement when you have paid in full and received delivery of ordered products in the manner agreed. 


All prices are stated on the website are in Swedish kronor (SEK) or EURO and include applicable VAT, currently 25%. The cost of shipping is not included. 

We have the right to change prices on the website without prior notice, the agreed price applies unless otherwise specifically agreed. We reserve the right to make printing and writing errors. The fee for shipping and payment will be added. The total cost is calculated at checkout when ordering, where it is stated which shipping and payment methods are chosen and costs for these, see sections “Payment” and “Delivery”. 


If you as a customer should not collect your order in the manner agreed, we will charge a fee of SEK 250, including VAT. The fee is necessary for us to be able to cover the shipping and handling costs that arise. Note that if you do not receive or pick up a shipment, it does not count as if you have announced that you have regretted your purchase. For more information, see sections “Delivery” and “Right of withdrawal and exchange” below. 

Fee for return shipping 

The customer pays the fee for return shipping. 


Sometimes AMBIA has campaigns with reduced prices for goods and periods with goods at a sale price. The period of validity of these price reductions is stated on the website and applies until that date, or until the stock runs out, if it occurs earlier. 

Discount codes are time-limited offers that cannot be combined with additional discount codes and, as a rule, cannot be combined with other offers. What applies to different discount codes is communicated in connection with/at the place where the customer gets access to the discount code. In the event of improper use of discount codes, AMBIA reserves the right to cancel purchases. The value of the discount code is distributed between the products in your order if they do not refer to one or more specific products in your order. In the event of a return, a proportional value is deducted from the item value of your refund. Upon return of the products, the discount can not be refunded, and the code can not be reused. 


Colour reproduction on product images shown on will reflect the product’s colour and other properties in as realistic a way as possible. But because colour reproduction may vary depending on the type of monitor you use as a customer, we can not guarantee that the colours of the products accurately reflect the colours you experience on your monitor.  On very rare occasions the fabric will react to quick weather changes, such as very hot to very cold, if this happens to your picture, do not worry, the fabric will adjust in a little while. 


Our payment method is Payson via Svea and Paypal.


We are shipping to all destinations within the EU. UK and Norway shipping can be arranged in some circumstances. Please contact for details about UK and Norway shipping. Smaller parcels will be delivered to your closest post office, and you will be notified when you can pick them up, bigger parcels will be delivered to your door.

The consumer is responsible for paying any customs fees/taxes for shipments outside of the EU.

Your order will be shipped within 2-14 business days. We are always aiming for a quick process but will prioritize quality, accuracy, and the overall workload to make sure our people are happy and healthy.

Transport-damaged delivery: 

In the event that the shipment has been damaged during transport, we ask you to contact us via promptly. In the event of visible damage, we ask you to save the packaging in which the order was packed. Please also attach pictures of the damage in your message.

The risk of shipment passes to you as a customer once it has been delivered to you. This means that AMBIA Outdoor Art AB bears the transport risk until the shipment has reached you. 


Right of withdrawal. You have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time you received your package in accordance with current legislation. You have the right to open the package and look at the product you bought. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact us, and we will give you instructions about the return process. To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must have received/picked up your package according to the agreement and notified us that you want to cancel the purchase within 14 days of receiving the package. The return of the returned item (s) must be sent back within 30 days of the package being picked up / received. 

We ask you to return the item to us in the same condition as when you received it. That is, in original condition. 

Some goods are exempt from the right of withdrawal. Products that have been manufactured or explicitly modified at the customer’s request or have otherwise been given a special touch. 

In addition to the right of withdrawal, we offer you a 10-day open purchase/exchange right from the day you received your package. The conditions for exercising an open purchase/exchange right are the same as for a right of withdrawal. The return of the returned item must be sent back within 10 days of the package being picked up / received. 

You as a customer is responsible for return shipping on the return of goods. Upon return, the products must be packed in such a way that they are protected during transport. We, therefore, recommend that you always pack products in the same way and with the same packaging as when they were delivered to you. In the event that you have packaged or packaged products in a substandard manner and the product is damaged during transport to us, you as a customer are also responsible for the damage / any missing goods.  

You can choose to return all or part of the order to make a change, or you can make a change in combination with cancelling the purchase on parts of the order. You can also choose to return all or part of the order for a repurchase. 


Contact us with information about if you want to withdrawal, return during the open purchase timeline, or exchange your item, We will get back to you with to what address the product should be shipped. We will contact you via email when the return has been processed, and then a refund will be made, alternatively, the exchange order will be sent from the warehouse, depending on whether you have chosen to make a change or cancelled your purchase for a refund. 


If you choose to cancel your purchase, we will refund what you paid for the item (s) you send in return. 

The refund will be made within 14 days of us receiving your returned item. 

The refund is made based on the payment method you used at the time of purchase.  


According to the Consumer Purchase Act, you have the right to complain about a product within three years of receiving the product, provided that the product was faulty at the time of delivery. The right of complaint also covers errors that have occurred during the transport of the product to you (see Delayed / transport-damaged delivery above). A product that deviates from what has been agreed between you and AMBIA Outdoor Art AB or otherwise shows errors can also be considered incorrect. 

Errors that have occurred due to damage that you have caused yourself are not counted as original errors. 

AMBIA recommends that you always inspect the product when it is delivered and point out any defects as soon as it is / should have been discovered and within a reasonable time. If you contact us within two months of discovering the error, it is counted as if you reported the error within a reasonable time. If you complain about a defective product after 6 months from the time the product was received, you are responsible for proving that the product’s defect was original. 

You report your complaint to us either via 

For faster handling of your complaint, we ask you to send in a couple of pictures where the problem is clearly visible and that you write with a short description of how the error occurred/was discovered. In the event that we want to take back the item for assessment of the complaint, we will send you a prepaid return slip, the return slip will be sent out either by post or email so that you can easily and conveniently return the item for assessment. 

If the complaint is deemed approved, you as a customer are in the first instance entitled to have the error rectified, or alternatively a faultless product. In some cases, you also have the right to terminate the agreement and get back what you paid. In the event of an approved complaint, you must be held indemnified for any costs that arise due to the complaint. Note that you, as a customer should, as far as possible, minimize any expenses that arise in the event that a product turns out to be incorrect. 

AMBIA Outdoor Art AB reserves the right to refuse an invalid complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective in accordance with current legislation.

Please know that the Ambia art is produced to be used outdoors and is manufactured in outdoor friendly materials and with colours that are UV protected. But, like all fabrics, the print will fade in time. How long the print will last is depending on the placement of the art and the exposure to the sun. Therefor is fading of the print colours not a pleadable complaint. 

In the event of compensation/refund, this is done as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of the complaint being processed. Upon refund, the money is refunded depending on how you paid the order from the start. See information, section “Refund” 


AMBIA Outdoor Art AB reserves the right to final sale, incorrect information about a product’s stock balance, any typing and image errors in the product description, and incorrect prices. 

Cancellation reservation 

AMBIA Outdoor Art AB reserves the right to terminate the agreement in the event that the customer has acted in bad faith due to inaccuracies that the customer was aware of or should have realized, such as incorrect information about price or quantity at Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel orders intended for resale. In the event that the cancellation reservation is enforced, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from AMBIA Outdoor Art AB. 

Subject to change 

AMBIA Outdoor Art AB reserves the right to change the content on without notice, which includes, but is not limited to, offers, prices, and promotions. However, such a change does not affect agreements already entered into between AMBIA Outdoor Art AB and the customer. 


AMBIA Outdoor Art AB shall be deemed to be released from all obligations under this agreement if liability would otherwise have arisen due to an event outside this agreement, AMBIA Outdoor Art ABs operations or what otherwise follows from mandatory law. 


Force majeure 

In the event of government action or omission, new legislation, labour law conflict, war or danger of war, major disturbance of public order, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstance beyond AMBIA Outdoor Art AB’s control and which we could not reasonably overcome or anticipate, we shall have the right to waive our obligations under this agreement. In such an event, AMBIA Outdoor Art AB shall not be liable for damages in the event of damage to the customer. 

External links 

AMBIA Outdoor Art AB is not responsible for any damage and problems with the customer’s software or hardware that arise due to the customer using external links that are published on 

Reservation for price fluctuations or other trade barriers 

In the event of price fluctuations or other barriers to trade, such as a lack of the necessary component, where AMBIA Outdoor Art AB cannot reasonably be held to its obligations under this agreement, we have the right to terminate the agreement. In such an event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from AMBIA Outdoor Art AB. 

Reservation for tax and fee changes 

In the event of significant tax or fee changes, which are of great importance for the conditions of this agreement, AMBIA Outdoor Art AB has the right to terminate the agreement. In such an event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from AMBIA Outdoor Art AB. 

Reservation for delivery delay outside AMBIA Outdoor Art AB’s control 

If a delivery delay occurs due to an event beyond AMBIA Outdoor Art AB’s control, AMBIA Outdoor Art AB shall not be held liable for damage due to such delivery delay. In such an event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from AMBIA Outdoor Art AB unless otherwise specifically agreed between AMBIA Outdoor Art AB and the customer or a provision that follows from mandatory law. 


Personal data that the customer submits to AMBIA Outdoor Art AB will be processed in accordance with current legislation. Information about personal data processing can be found in AMBIA’s Privacy Policy, which can be found here Privacy Policy


Report to the police 

AMBIA Outdoor Art AB routinely reports all frauds and attempted frauds to the police. 

Discrepancy between different publications 

If there are differences between information on and other publications, the information stated on shall take precedence. However, this does not apply to information that is manifestly incorrect or misleading in a comparison between the various publications. 

Intellectual property rights, logos and trademarks 

All material published on, including software, logos, audio files, trademarks and text & images is protected by intellectual property rights. The protection means that the material may not be used without the right holder’s permission, nor may the material be copied or otherwise transferred to third parties without AMBIA Outdoor Art AB’s express consent. Any violations will be prosecuted. 

Purpose of the information 

All information on, regardless of format, is published exclusively for informational purposes so that visitors can use the website. AMBIA Outdoor Art AB is thus not responsible for the consequences or damages that may arise if this information is used for any purpose other than that stated above. 


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Disputes between AMBIA Outdoor Art AB and you as a customer are tried in the court that follows from mandatory legislation. In the event that a case is tried in the General Complaints Board or European Commission Online Dispute Resolution (EU ODR), AMBIA Outdoor Art AB will follow the board’s decision. 

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